Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mini Album Tutorial - Books I've Read so I won't buy duplicates anymore!

Oh how I've missed crafting! Like lots of folks - summer is a busy time here - and quite frankly - I just haven't had the mojo - till today!!

I've missed scrapbooking - I have a problem - I have two teen girls (well one will be twenty next month) who refuse - flat out refuse - to let me take their picture - kinda makes it difficult to scrapbook, no? Yuppers I have tons and tons of old photos I could do - but that would take organizing them - I'll leave that for another time.

But I do love my mini albums - my theme albums. I do think this is my favorite type of album - partly cuz its one story from beginning to end. I love to come up with different type of mini albums.

Unlike my friend, Sharon, I hardly ever like my first effort at a new technique or type of project. I learn as I go - she likes to carefully think and plan each move she makes - hence, her first efforts are great and mine are learning tools.

So why am I boring you with this? I had an idea for a mini album and wanted to "test it" I decided to make a little booklet of books I've read so far. I don't like to read the back of the book as I feel it gives away too much of the story - and since I read so much - sometimes (often) I forget if I've read a book and then buy it twice - course most of my books come from our neighborhood used bookstore so its not as huge a mistake but still it wastes money!!
Here is the booklet I made - I didn't make the cover too "pretty" with embellishments cuz I figured they'd get ruined in my purse.

Inside Flap - I love this book stamp from my stash - I watercolored it in with SU! Tempting Turquoise.

I used the Bind It all to bind the book and index cards for the pages - I figured I better have lines to write on! Neat I'm not LOL

Here is where I had  my "new" idea. I use cereal boxes for cardboard all the time. I have tried lots of glues and like Zip Dry the best. You need to sand the cereal box first. It adheres well but what I don't like is the sides of the book - you can see the cardboard between the pieces of cardstock - I just don't like it.. So I figures since I'm making a mini album why not "wrap" the cover. Here - I'll show you what I mean.

Clean Edges!!
Sample Page

Now that I know I like how this comes out - I plan on making pages from cardstock and making a mini scrapbook album. Look at what I want to use for the cover
Whew!! I got long winded today!! Sorry about that! Thanks for stopping by! Andrea

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