Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Paper Pumpkin Month 2

I love the Stampin' Up! monthly card kit I get in the mail each month. All the supplies (except adhesive) are sent to make 4 cards. I really like the surprise of seeing what is in the box each month.

Just like any kit - there are times when I don't like every part of the kit but with a little bit of creativity I can make the project just how I want it. This months kit is a perfect example. The words in the stamps are not exactly my cup of tea - I would never say I love your guts or kick your booty Maybe I would use the largest word  which is Seriously...but I adore the paper, tags and buttons that came with the kit.
Below you see two cards that I made in "seriously" (oops  now they have me saying it so I may just use that 3rd stamp after all LOL) 10 minutes. It took me the longest amount of time to get the twine to stay where I wanted it on the hey there card - I ended up putting a piece of tape on the back of the panel to hold it in place

This card uses the sentiment from the first My Paper Pumpkin kit. All the rest of the supplies (except the adhesive and not quite navy ink) arrived in the box.

How is this for a fast, easy and great Father's Day card?

 As I have mentioned before - masculine cards are not easy for me. I have a goal to make more of them since I assume that the more I practice - the easier it will be.

I adore the pattern on this card. All I did was stamp the sentiment from teeny tiny wishes in not quite navy ink on the speech bubble sticker...card

Now that I have had two months and the try me kit - so three Paper Pumpkin kits here is my review of the product.

1.The quality of the supplies is fabulous. The card bases are made out of sturdy cardstock and the inside is white for easy writing of personal messages.

2. The ink spots that come in each kit are fabulous. For those just getting into Stampin'Up or stamping in general its a wonderful way to build your supply of colors. For those of us that have been participating for a while - the little spots are great for traveling and taking your supplies to someone else's house to work  on projects.

3.No kit will ever be perfect and please all of us all the time but I find the parts of the Paper Pumpkin that don't appeal as much to me are the favorite parts for some of my friends. It's easy to work around the few items I didn't like. Honestly I wish I could buy a bunch of card bases in this months pattern. Well...I loved the yellow pattern of last months too so much that I'm hoarding my last piece (yikes did I just publicly admit ON THE INTERNET that I hoard paper supplies...shocking!)

4. Its FUN to get a surprise in the mail each month and to have someone else plan the project. NO matter how hectic the month is I find I can carve out 10 minutes here and there to get my creative fix.

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What are your thoughts on My Paper Pumpkin? Any questions?  If so just comment below.

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