Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gift Packaging - My new "Passion"

Hello!! Has anyone been home in blog land??? Lets just say the electronic gremlins had a blast at our house in December - both my computer and my youngest DD computers were in the shop - thankfully both under warrranty -so we shared a super slow XP version of windows and with schoolwork taking priority - the ol bloggerooo fell by the wayside...and to top it off ..both my little point and shoot cameras died (well one had help from me when I broke the battery putting it back in...don't ask LOL)

I had great plans for the 8 days of Chanukah - which has long since past - I was in a Chanukah swap at and made lots of Goodies for Holly - which I can show you over the next few days now that my computer is functioning and Holly has opened her packages

So for today - I'm going to show you my newest Passion - using my papercrafting products and skills to make gift packaging!!

It all started with this one....

I made a minialbum that was too fat
(what a surprise - I over embellished) so I made a box to keep it in. I'll show the album another day.

Then one night while watching TV with the girls I started to crochet a box(see post below) and decided to make one with a handle - this bag holds another gift for Holly - A Tzedakah (charity) box - that I'll show you later

For the box on the right - I took a popcorn box and opened it up - traced it on purple cardstock - stamped the paper - made the box and decorated. The little one in the front I just scored and folded till it was the right size. Inside is a fabric covered dreidle and some fabric covered buttons. I forgot to take a picture :( but I used some Judaic fabric from JoAnn Crafts and the dritz button making kit. I free hand cut a dreidle, put on some batting and covered with fabric. The back was yucky so I cut another dreidle from cardstock and glued it to cover up the back.
During this process - I found a new favorite supply ----RIBBON -

Ever get tired of the cost of gift bags in the stores? Well here are a couple that I made with cardstock, stamps and embellies from my stash.
I got a Gypsy for my Cricut for Chanukah and am hoping to use it to make some more gift presentations.
Happy New Year to y'all!! I hope to be more consistent in blogging

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