Monday, July 27, 2009

I've taken the plunge!!!! Sounds Easy Page

I've been thinking and talking to friends about creating a blog - and HERE IT IS!! Why should I create a blog was a question I pondered for a long long time.

Answer: I've really enjoyed looking at blogs on the web for inspiration and pleasure. So I wanted to "give back" and join the fun.

Why not do it? Well - cuz in no particular order - In no way does my stuff compare to the blogs that inspire me. And because I craft in spurts and I might have long times without anything to add. And because I don't think anyone will visit.

Why do it? Well here is my answer to the above - Don't compare yourself. Because that only makes you lose. Enjoy the process and have fun - even if its a party of 1 (me)

So here we GO...............My first Creative Sanity sharing.

I was fortunate to create some samples for an amazing new company - Sounds Easy Voice Recorder - to take to winter CHA. I love this product. It allows you to record 30 separate audio - yes thats right AUDIO - recordings that are 30 seconds long. This has forever changed my scrapbooking. Not only can I document the visual (photo) memories I can now document the audio memories. The recorder uses interchangable memory devices. The chip (much like you have in a digital camera) is stored in a tiny envelope in your album. When you look through the album, you put the chip into the Sounds Easy Recorder (it records and plays back) and play the sound corresponding to your page. Easy and AWESOME!

Once this computer illiterate new blogger (AKA me) figures out how to post a picture I'm going to show you a layout I made for Sounds Easy of my DDs Bat Mitzvah (she will kill me for having her picture here so if you know her don't tell LOL).

She and I wove her Tallis (prayer shawl) and I made a color copy of it to use as my background paper. I recorded her chanting the Torah from the DVD taken during the event. The number 29 in the lower right hand corner is the corresponding number for the Sounds Easy.

If you've made it this far - or been here at all LOL - thanks!!



  1. WOW what an awesome way to preserve this memory!! Beautifly done!!

  2. Oh how BEAUTIFUL, Andrea!!!!!!!!!!!!